Online Customs Clearance Makes It Easy to Bring Your Stuff To Canada

Anytime you travel internationally you will have to pass through customs. It is just inevitable.  You might even be somewhat aware of this process if you have ever flown through an international airport, even if you were only flying domestically in the United States or Canada.

And if you have flown in North America, at least, then you know that this customs clearance process of crossing an international border is not really as complicated as it might seem. Yes, there is a lot paperwork you have to fill out and there are a lot of rules you have to follow, but it is nothing more than the average person can handle.

Trying to cross the US-Canada border, though, can be slightly more complex, but only because it involves what is essentially the trafficking of goods and valuables; and both countries just want to make sure that you are the rightful owner and that these items are allowed within your destination country.

When you cross the US-Canada border you will definitely need to clear your personal belongings with customs.  It is a simple process and should not take too long. When you move from the US to Canada, though, the country will treat your vehicle as an import and, as such, you will need to pay various duties, taxes, and fees; and you may even have to modify your car so it is legal for operation in the country of Canada.

The good news is that you can use an online Clearit customs consulting brokerage to help you with this process.


The first thing that you will likely have to do is fill out your customs clearance forms. This will include your personal and contact information as well as the Bill of Sale for high-value items that you will be moving with you.


Another thing that is great about online customs consulting is that you can get started paying your associated duties, fees, and taxes long before you make the move.  Just make sure that you are all paid in full before you move or the agency will not allow for your goods to be transported across the border.


Once you have filled out your paperwork and made your payment(s), the next thing you do is just wait. It can take anywhere from a few hours to a couple days for your paperwork to process and for your goods to arrive.