10 awesome Outdoor team building activities

Because of the monotonous routine in corporate offices, it becomes rather dull for the employees to keep working. Outdoor team activity is one such activity that can be held in an organization to build stronger relations with the team members. This will not only lead to refreshments of the employee but also mental satisfaction, mood swings, and employee engagements activities. Keeping all these things in minds jotted down below is the list of 10 awesome Outdoor team building activities.

Dragon Boating

This is one of the best Outdoor team building activities which should definitely be tried in order to build stronger relations with the team members. All the team members can simply head out in the sun and then begin the race. The game is all about building a stronger teamwork.

Building Bridges

All the team members can get outdoors and use best of their minds to build a bridge which should not be broken when any item is placed on it. The team whose bridge resists the maximum, wins. It is one of the interesting tasks that should definitely be given a try.

Raft Building

All the teams will be given materials and then they can all come together to build a raft. The raft has to be designed in such a manner that it flows freely in the water and can carry maximum number of people.

Poker Tower

In this activity, each team can formulate into 2-4 members where they will be assigned materials such as poker cards and a pair of scissors. Each team will then be given a specified time in which they will need to build a poker tower by using the available adventure equipment’s. The activity requires great teamwork.

Acid Walk

In this activity, each team will be required to finish the destination with the help of each other. Each team will need to walk with their team member in a synchronized manner and thus cross the finishing line.

Survival in Jungle

This is one of the highly accepted Outdoor team building activities as one has to accept to challenges while working in a jungle. The survival is all about looking for food and shelter in the jungle.

Ice Thrilling

If you are looking for perfect thrilling activity, then it should be none other than Ice Thrilling where the team which has the best coordination skills wins.

Pipeline activity

Many of us are aware of this activity as it requires high intelligence. All the team will have pipes which need to be connected to each other and the team which gets the connection first wins the game.

Build a proper design

As the name suggests, each team will be given a task to build a construction project and the team which constructs within the stipulated time wins the game.


Nothing could be better when you have a bowling option as an outdoor activity. The team which scores the maximum points wins the game.